Integrated Marketing Agency focused on providing quality services to small businesses.
We are storytellers who use branding, website development, video production, social media, and a wide array of tools to help you create and reach lasting connections with your audience. We are craftsmen working for craftsmen. We love working with artists, innovators and small businesses - with all those that still roll up their sleeves, and get their hands dirty - those who have passion for their brand and need a second hand to show who they are.
Who we are
CGP is a group of marketing professionals serving the Miami and South Florida communities. As a company, we focus on providing our clients with excellent branding, content, and marketing tools to help with their growth.
We are on a mission
“We are craftsmen working for craftsmen,” is part of our mantra. As craftsmen, we understand the passion and hard work behind every project, and that is why we want to offer top quality graphic design, content development, and marketing tools to small businesses at an affordable price.
Let's grow together
We envision growth and a fun road to the top, but there is no fun in enjoying success alone! We foresee a growth that happens simultaneously with our clients. Mutual support, communication, and loyalty between our clients and us are how we like to reach the top together!
Want to know how we can help you?