Full-service marketing agency specialized in creating content from within your own story.
Let's use your story to build you a brand, create powerfully platforms and consistent channels to tell your story and connect with your audience.
Web Design
Get excited about your website! It can be the most valuable marketing tool for your organization. After a process of discovery, we plan on a design that engages your audience and establishes communication. Most importantly let’s use it to tell your story, to show your personality, and to create a connection with your audience. Do not think of your website as a still platform, think of it as an evolving channel from which you can constantly communicate with your audience.
Don’t think of your logo or branding as just your company name or representative icon. This is the first impression that your audience will get of you. How well are you represented and how consistent is your branding across all platforms? Although a new brand and evolving brands have different needs, our goal remains the same — to use creativity, consistency, and esthetics to reflect the essence of your company.

Social Media
Whether your organization has embraced social media or not, does not matter, The power of this FREE tool can not be denied. Social Media offers the opportunity to tell your story, to connect with your audience, to engage, to manage your public opinion, and much more. Let’s not only establish your online presence but let’s create a strategy that allows you to connect with your audience through excellent content and an evolving story.
Graphic Design
Graphic design is the pillar of CGP. Truth is that every marketing strategy needs strong graphic design support. All your marketing material, photographic and video content will need graphic design. Most importantly all your material and designs need to be consistent with your branding, modern and attractive.
Media Support
Hosting an event? Need advertising video for social media? High-quality photography and video is necessary for multiple platforms. We can provide on site media support for your events as well as photography and video support for your website or social media uses. On this digital era you can not afford to miss the opportunity to create and share quality content, it’s how your audience will connect with you. The good news is that you can give it multiple uses!
Marketing Strategy
Need to reach your target audience but don’t know how? Let’s research and figure out how we can do it. First, we go through a discovery process in which we learn about your service, who is your audience, and what you have tried so far. Then, we proceed with the most important part, strategize. Our strategy will not only consist of the content we will use, but how we will use it, how frequent, reports on progress, measures and adjustments.