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Treasure Property Group is a real estate brokerage operating out of West Palm Beach, FL. The company has been in business since 2016 and initially sought our services for a new website.

They had been working with another agency that was not producing the result they wanted. After our first meeting and thorough business analysis, we advised the company to invest in an entire business re-branding and following that to launch the new website then. We understand how hard of a decision this can be for an already established business because it may require a significant investment. Luban Quiceno, broker and business owner trusted our advice and expertise and committed to the new brand change. The experience has been nothing less than phenomenal. We put all our talents to work, and we are very proud of the results. As well as the tremendous and ongoing client relationship we have with Treasure Property Group. We thank Luban Quiceno, Paola Arango, and the entire Treasure Property Group staff for their trust, communication, and constant willingness to improve their business.

Discovery + Insights

Treasure Property Group was honest and communicative during our discovery meetings. We learned much about this company, and all that information would play an important factor in brand development. That information was all used to create insightful concepts that would project the company culture and appeal to the right audience. The discovery meetings told us that Treasure Property Group is a family-oriented business, organized, and professionally run. A company that places high values on their faith trust and has customer service high on their mission statement.

Research + Brand Concepts + Presentation

We designed the brand options around three main concepts. Each logo presented was carefully designed to include these three concepts: TRUST | HOME | PROFESSIONALISM

The first concept was designed to portray a HOME with TREASURE’s and TRUST’s “T” inside the home. The second concept played with the “T” from TREASURE and TRUST designed like a HOME key – an idea that played perfectly into “TRUST IS KEY,” one of the slogans created for the company. The third concept played with the letter “A and “U” designed like the top and bottom of a HOME’s door. This concept we thought would be great intro and outro once animated for company videos.

Professionalism was captured through kerning and modern fonts selection.


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Brand Consistency

Branding sets the standards that your audience will expect from you. Consistency will not only create recognition, but it will build trust, which is the foundation for loyalty and everlasting relationships. Brand consistency creates relationships between your audience and your company.

With the brand guide developed for Treasure Property Group, we needed to go way beyond fonts and colors. The brand guide required to analyze the TRUST and FAITH concepts that went into the development of the logo and set the guidelines of how those approaches would reflect across marketing touchpoints. Therefore, the brand guide goes into different company slogans and how they should be used. Photography style, icon toolkit, and much more to make sure the company maintains consistency.

Brand Launch

For this, as for most of the brands we create, we do our best to educate our clients on the importance of storytelling. Therefore, we encourage our clients that are launching a new brand or re-branding, as in this case, to keep their audience engaged by telling them what’s going on. Excite your audience with the fact you are creating a new brand.

 Let them know the progress and have them join you in the excitement. For Treasure Property Group, we created a series of videos that were shared on social media and email campaigns. The videos seen below were meant to announce the brand coming while simultaneously presenting brand messages and starting to establish consistency.


We created a buzz and excitement with the brand launch videos, but official announcements of the brand had to be made. So, alongside the social media marketing strategy, we developed a series of videos with scripts that would capture the new company message we wanted to present. Ongoing media sessions would not only serve to capture the footage necessary for the brand launch video. It would also help to capture all the staff and agents’ images to be used on the website. Prioritizing brand consistency once again. Since most of the team is available in the same setting and already dressed to impress, it presents the perfect opportunity to capture all the portraits necessary to, later on, use on the website and social content.

Real Estate Website

With real estate, you need more than an online window of your business. You can’t afford to have your name and contact information on a domain. Too much competition in the market! You need a website specifically designed for real estate success. For Treasure Property Group, we developed a personalized website, consistent with their brand just grew. We created a visually intuitive portal with optimal lead capture. More important than that a website that displays properties available in the market, provides the viewer with secure options to search for what they specifically need, options for sellers, renters, etc. The website allows for interested agents to submit their resume on the site, for sellers to submit their information and is designed to be continuously updated with new features.

Brand Or Be Branded

If you don’t actively define your brand, the market will do it for you. Meaning if you don’t invest in professional branding, then you just branded yourself as a company not willing or able to acquire a professional brand.
Why should you care about social media and how your brand carries across these channels? Social media is the best tool for creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – to drive profitable customer action. Luckily Treasure Property Group already knew this, and they only needed our help with a clear social media marketing strategy, improving their content and distributing it. Sounds like everything? In reality, most of the time, convincing our clients of the importance of social media presence and consistency is the biggest battle. We proceeded to create a strategy on what, how, where, and when to distribute content for Treasure Property Group. We took over their channels and gave them a new consistent channel that speaks to the audience promotes their services and attracts solid leads every month.

Social Media





Training + Support

The businesses we work with on a retainer basis, more than clients are business partners. It is a mutually beneficial relationship in which we get to offer our expertise to help the development of their brand and their marketing. Therefore, we consider of imperative importance to provide ongoing support and training to their staff. Particularly with new technologies, they may be implemented to their business, or with ever-changing platforms like Instagram and other social channels. Their results are our results. With Treasure Property Group, we have offered and will continue to provide multiple training sessions. Which we have taught the staff how to properly use the website tools, create content for social media, engage their audience, and more.

Email Campaign

Email continues to be one of the most effective communication mediums and marketing touchpoints only because it offers one of the best conversion channels. Open rates might have lowered, but when your target audience has searched your website, consumed your social media content, received your printed ad, and they received an email. Email continues to be one of the most natural and most common methods that the audience will reach you with their inquiries or interest. For Treasure Property Group, we found it imperative to create an email campaign that would be consistent with the messages being presented on social media, that had a clear call to actions and of course, branded. With the email, the campaign is just about giving the audience another opportunity to consume your message, remind them of your service/product and to reach you if they need to

Email Campaign



Branding Legitimizes Your Business

Buyers consumer brands. No branding – No business. The market dictates, and we participate. The market is always promoting and selling; branding is the one tool that will grow your business, the device that sells while you are not present. If you don’t invest in branding, then you are a market participant as a consumer and a consumer alone. Whether you want to or not, you are a brand market participant.