CGP Agency

Our process is

Our approach is unique.

Our objective is to successfully and effectively communicate business culture and company values.

Web Development

Your website can be the most valuable communications tool for your organization.

Websites that serve as community hubs for organizations. Our websites communicate business service, culture and provide business solutions. Let’s talk about your organization’s website.

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Authentic branding. Your brand must communicate company culture and values.

This is the first impression your audience will have of you. How well are you represented, and how consistent is your branding across all platforms? Although a new brand and evolving brands have different needs, our goal remains the same — to use creativity, consistency, and aesthetics to reflect the essence of your company. Let’s create your company identity!

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Social Media & Communications Channels

The opportunity to:

  • Document Your Story
  • Celebrate Your Organization
  • Connect and Engage with Your Audience
  • Manage Public Opinion
  • Collect Audience Information and Market Feedback

Let’s create a strategy that connects you with your audience through excellent content and an evolving story.

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Graphic Design

Graphic design is the pillar of CGP.

The truth is that every marketing strategy needs strong, graphic design support. All your marketing material, photographic, and video content will need graphic design. Most importantly, all your materials and designs need to be attractive, consistent with your branding.

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Event Support


Events need professional branding and communications. Attract target audience.

From pre-event communications, design, and marketing efforts, to support during events to post-event follow-up. Let’s create an event communications strategy that will serve your organizations purpose.

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Branding and Communication Strategy

Need to reach your target audience but don’t know how?

Let’s fact find and figure out how to achieve that! First, we go through a discovery process in which we learn about your service, who is your audience, and what you have tried so far. Then, we proceed with the most important part – strategizing. Our plan will not only consist of the content we will plan to use but how we will use it along with progress reports and adjustments along the way.

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