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Public Communications


Commnuity Communications Program.

Our program (CCP) is designed to serve as a complete communications department for communities. We use an ethnographic approach that allows us to analyze the local culture and based on unique findings tailor the program that will best serve each community. Equally, our experience and ability to support digital and presential communications efforts give us a wide range of tools that are effective within budget constraints. 

How do we do it differently?

  • Get to know local culture and customs.
  • Understand community values.
  • Review community communications channels, needs, and traffic.
  • Understand government officials, departments, and staff’s responsibilities, duties, and mission with the community.
  • Recover local history.
  • Implement strategies and programs that promote community values, culture and

Create a communications program that American towns and rural communities can use to preserve history and communicate lifestyle. Branding and communications are used as civic tools to elevate the status of a community’s way of life by understanding and communicating that which makes it unique. Giving a better opportunity to preserve the current way of life, for future generations and residents of the area to not only have access to these enriching lifestyles but to learn from their past – directly from those community leaders, individuals, and community members that shaped an area.



Feb, 15 2022.

Establish and Manage Community Communications Channels

  • Town website
  • Social media channels
  • Newsletter
  • Local Publications
  • Community Postcards and Mailers
  • Print media
  • Geofencing notification system 
  • Town Bids and Job Placement
  • Implement and Manage the following Communications Software: 
  • CivicPlus, CideRED, NextRequest, Municode Meetings, GovEasy, More


  • Community Integration Events 
  • Local Historic Preservation 
  • Community Website as Communication and Administrative Platform
  • Public Records Request
  • Code Enforcement 
  • CodeRed Emergency Notifications System
  • Community FAQ’s
  • Hurricane Preparedness 
  • Equestrian Information
  • Community Resources
  • Local Scholarship Program
  • Social Media Channels
  • Geo-Location Notification system
  • More


  • Honor Heritage.
  • Recover and protect history for current and future generations.
  • Promote community objectives, culture, and values. 
  • Celebrate and preserve community lifestyle. 
  • Encourage local networking and commerce. 
  • Attract businesses and populations aligned with community values. 
  • Government and community connection. 
  • Celebrate community.
  • Protect a way of life.