CGP Agency

Brand Identity

Kabani Hotel Group


Proposal Date:
Monday, Sep. 18th, 2023


Commencing Date:
Thursday, Sep. 28th, 2023

Current   | Phase 1:  Brand Book                                                    Phase 2: Brand Material

Current                                      Phase 1: Brand Book              Phase 2: Brand Material

Phase 1


Initial discovery meeting Friday, October 13th @ 10:00 AM. Thank Mr. Kabani, Mrs. Kabani & Mr. Garino for your time.



Using research and insight information the design team interprets information to conceptualize and begin designing. Brand drawings and drafts commence in this
  • 3 Revisions on chosen logo
  • Confirmed by Luis Garino Friday, Nov. 17, 2023

a. Brand book to include but not limited to:

• Brand’s visual identity
• Color palette
• RGB brand colors
• CMYK brand colors
• Typeface names and usage instructions
• Brand toolkit (Icons and style to use)
• Other industry-related touchpoints of consistency


Phase 1


Est completion date: 11.29.23

Brand Book

Est completion date: 12.08.23

Phase 2

Flyer Template

Team Presentation

Offering Memorandum (OM )                               

Est completion date: 12.18.23

Phase 3

Brand Launch

Business Cards

Email Signatures

Est completion date: 12.18.23


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at any point in time.

Carlos Gabriel Perez
[email protected]